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 Are there any example programs for the IVI driver?

Question :

 Are there any example programs for the IVI driver?

Answer :

When the IVI driver for your measurement instrument is installed, several example programs are also installed.

If LabVIEW is already installed on the target system when the IVI driver is installed, then a subfolder, KE2700 or KE6485, in the National Instruments directory structure will be created. This is typically in the \Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW\instr.lib\. Examples are available in the examples.llb library file.

For Visual Basic or LabWindows/CVI examples, check the sub folders of the Keithley Instruments folder. This is typically in the \Program Files\Keithley Instruments\KE2700\ or KE6485

Additional example programs, developed by Applications Engineers, may also be available on the Keithley web site.

Documentation for the function calls of the IVI driver are available in the help files which are installed into the help folder:

Program Files\Keithley Instruments\KE2700\help\ or

Program Files\Keithley Instruments\KE6485\help\

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