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John's Story

SaskTel Breaks Through Testing Complexity with Tektronix


For over three decades, John Davidson has been an integral part of SaskTel, bringing his unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, and technical support in the Cellular and Mobility Department. As he reflects on his journey, he realizes that every day at work is a unique adventure, filled with excitement and challenges.

John takes great pride in the work he does, especially in his role as the President of a Veterans' organization, providing benefits and support to those who have served their country. The values he has learned from this role have become an essential part of his personal and professional life. He believes in telling the truth up front, building trust, and earning respect.

In his spare time, John finds solace in working on a rusty old car in his garage, a project that allows him to unwind and take a break from his eventful career. But it's his work at SaskTel that truly brings him joy.

One of the most fascinating aspects of John's job is the opportunity to travel around, testing and fixing issues with cellular networks. Armed with a Suburban and a suite of advanced test equipment, including the cutting-edge real-time spectrum analyzer from Tektronix, he embarks on missions to identify and resolve network interference problems.

One particular challenge his team faced involved deck phones from Europe, unknowingly causing interference with the cellular network. These deck phones forced nearby cellular devices to transmit at higher power levels, depleting battery life and potentially affecting critical services like 911 calls.

Before the arrival of the real-time spectrum analyzer, resolving such issues was time-consuming, taking days of painstaking investigation to locate the source. But with Tektronix's advanced equipment, John and his team can now detect interference swiftly and precisely. John's team can drive right up to the source of interference and take immediate action. They visit affected locations and politely inquire if the residents own a deck phone. Most people are understanding and cooperative, ensuring a smooth resolution of the issue.

Throughout his career, John has remained committed to being thorough and accurate in his work. His technical expertise, combined with the advanced tools from Tektronix, has made him an indispensable asset in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of SaskTel’s cellular services.

As John continues to contribute to SaskTel and support veterans in his community, he looks back on his journey with satisfaction and gratitude. Each day brings something new, and he relishes every moment of it. SaskTel and Tektronix stand strong together, united by the values of integrity and technical excellence, ensuring a seamless and reliable cellular experience for customers across the nation.