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Software-based Algorithm Testing Skips Custom Hardware

Engineers who quickly need to iterate on their algorithm design no longer need to be held back by the long timelines associated with hardware development. The Tektronix RSA7100 Series acts as a real-time vector signal analyzer, able to stream up to 800 MHz of I/Q data gap-free, and can also host custom applications thereby accelerating the development of new algorithms while using an off-the-shelf solution.

The 5 or 6 Series B MSO oscilloscope with SignalVu-PC software saves users time and unneeded costs when qualifying single or multi-emitter EW algorithms. With up to 8-channels available, the oscilloscope performs as a multi-channel EW analyzer using the hardware digital downconverters behind each channel to efficiently capture signals up to 2 GHz wide and up to 10 GHz high in frequency in the form of I/Q. Pulse analysis displays and measurements are available to automate the capture and analysis of pulsed radar parameters simultaneously across channels.

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Accelerate Algorithm Prototypes

Keithley products are ideal for automating DC characterization at low currents and high speeds, while Tektronix Real-time spectrum analyzers can perform wide spectrum measurements faster than any other.

RSA7100B: Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Analysis and Recording

Scan RF signals faster with flexibility to record, stream and analyze data in real time, at full bandwidth.

  • Up to 26.5 GHz frequency coverage
  • Up to 800 MHz real-time signal acquisition bandwidth
  • IQFlowTM streaming to RAID, LVDS, 40 GbE and an API provides the speed and flexibility needed to perform real-time DSP algorithms, and record/analyze long event sequences
A screenshot from Tektronix spectrum analyzer software overlayed with a Tektronix RSA signal analyzer.

Spectrum Analyzer Software for RF & Vector Signals

Get a comprehensive suite of tools to capture, isolate, and analyze hard-to-find transient RF signals of interest with confidence.

6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal oscilloscope

6 Series B MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Troubleshoot and validate high-speed designs with bandwidth that starts at 1 GHz and goes up to 10 GHz.

AWG70000 arbitrary waveform generator

AWG70000B Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The AWG70000B Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator makes it easy to customize, generate, and sequence an infinite variety of high-precision signals for design, testing, and operation of complex components, systems, and experiments. 

  • Output frequency: up to 20GHz
  • Sample rate: 50 GS/s
  • Memory: 2 GS/channel, 32 GS (Optional)
  • Resolution: 10 bits
  • -80 dBc spurious free dynamic range
AWG5200 arbitrary waveform generator

AWG5200 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Meet the most demanding signal generation needs at an affordable price with the high-fidelity AWG5200 Arbitrary Waveform Generator. With multi-unit synchronization, you can scale up to 32 channels. The AWG5200 is ideal for advanced research, electronic test and radar, and electronic warfare system design and test.

  • Output frequency: up to 4GHz
  • Sample rate: 298 S/s - 5 GS/s
  • Memory: 2 GS/channel
  • Channels: Up to 8
  • Vertical resolution: 16 bits
  • ·-70 dBc spurious free dynamic range
A screenshot from Tektronix Source Express software showing PAM 4 Signals.


Set up a PC-based software environment for AWG instrument control, instrument emulation and waveform creation.


Application Note

Measuring modern radar

Learn to analyze advanced radar signal.

Real-Time Recording and Signal Processing with IQFlow™

Real-time recording and signal processing

The RSA7100B’s real-time analysis for live monitoring and recording of events ensures that you are getting the data you need from your time-consuming test scenarios.

Conquering Radar Signal Generation

Conquering Radar Signal Generation

Learn about avoiding common traps when creating and generating complex radar signals.