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  • Environment Plug-in for AWG5200 Series and AWG70000 Series

    Environment Plug-in

    The Environment plug-in is used to emulate the interference between Radar and other communication standards to test Radar receivers under realistic and worst-case conditions. The users can configure the various standard-specific parameters of these …
  • AWG5200 arbitrary waveform generator


    Meet the most demanding signal generation needs at an affordable price with the high-fidelity AWG5200 Arbitrary Waveform Generator. With multi-unit synchronization, you can scale up to 32 channels. The AWG5200 is ideal for advanced research, electronic test and radar, and electronic warfare system design and test. Output frequency: up to 4GHz Sample rate: 298 S/s - 5 GS/s Memory: 2 GS/channel Channels: Up to 8 Vertical resolution: 16 bits ·-70 dBc spurious free dynamic range
  • SignalVu-PC

    RF Spectrum Analyzer Software

    Get a comprehensive suite of tools to capture, isolate, and analyze hard-to-find transient RF signals of interest with confidence.
  • Products


    Scan RF signals faster with flexibility to record, stream and analyze data in real time, at full bandwidth. Up to 26.5 GHz frequency coverage Up to 800 MHz real-time signal acquisition bandwidth IQFlowTM streaming to RAID, LVDS, 40 GbE and an API provides the speed and flexibility needed to perform real-time DSP algorithms, and record/analyze long event sequences


    SW version 2.0 and above. This is the application help file for the RADAR plug-in for use with the SourceXpress application and the AWG70000 and AWG5200 series arbitrary waveform generators.


    SW version 3.1.x and above. This Radar Signals Programmer manual provides the information you need to use commands to remotely control the software.


    SW version 2.0 and above. This is the application help file for the RADAR plug-in for use with the SourceXpress application and the AWG70000A and AWG5200 series arbitrary waveform generators.
  • Radar Basics
    Technical Document

    Radar Basics

    While radar technology was initially focused on military and commercial aviation applications, today there are many commercial applications. This application note covers the basics of modern radar applications from military to commercial use in …
  • Solutions for RADAR and Electronic Warfare
    Technical Document

    Solutions for RADAR and Electronic Warfare

    Tektronix offers a wide range of hardware and software built to help you design and test mission-critical RF systems, such as military comms, radar and electronic warfare—from algorithm prototyping to testing to ongoing maintenance. Our products are choreographed to work together seamlessly to help you design and validate systems more efficiently. Explore a selection of our Aerospace and Defense products, including ultra-wide bandwidth arbitrary waveform generators as well as real-time spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes that display time-correlated measurements.
  • Fundamentals of Radar Measurements
    Technical Document

    Fundamentals of Radar Measurements

    This primer addresses the needs for pulse generation and measurements, the automated measurements that are available, and explains how the automated measurements are made as well as how pulses are generated.