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Environment Plug-in

The Environment plug-in is used to emulate the interference between Radar and other communication standards to test Radar receivers under realistic and worst-case conditions. The users can configure the various standard-specific parameters of these interfering signals including power levels, start time, and duration. The time and frequency overview enables them to adjust the above parameters to quickly create worst-case scenarios.

The standards that are supported in the environment module include WiMAX, WiFi, GSM, GSM-EDGE, EGPRS 2A, EGPRS2B, CDMA, W-CDMA, DVB-T, and CW Radar. It also allows seamless integration of signals created using other AWG plug-ins such as Generic, Radar, OFDM and User captured signals.

 Environmental Plug-in for Arbitrary Waveform Generators

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Environment Plug-in
Feature Benefit
Replicate Scenarios Test signals are digitally synthesized and all AWG setups can be recalled and the scenarios can be replicated on any other AWG within seconds.