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8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope

The 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope enables efficient and affordable optical component testing with an innovative disaggregated architecture. With a reconfigurable and compact design, an innovative user interface, and reliable high-end performance, this oscilloscope is an ideal test solution for manufacturing applications. The 8 Series is designed to adapt to a continuous increase in demand for higher bandwidths and baud rates addressing current and future test parameters.


Up to 30GHz

Analog Channels

Up to 4 channels

Sample Rate

Up to 300 kS/s

Increased throughput by disaggregation

The 8 Series enables inexpensive, adaptable, and scalable solutions by leveraging the separation of acquisition hardware from analysis software. Stream waveform data from the instrument through high-speed Ethernet to the analysis platform, limiting oscilloscope downtime and maximizing investment.

Tektronix 8 Series Remote Connectivity
M1A NRZ mask and measurement

Enhanced analysis with TSOVu

TSOVu is the advanced application software for controlling the TSO820 Sampling Oscilloscope. This new software architecture is flexible, intuitive, and natively supports complex measurement of optical NRZ and PAM4 signals, including measurements such as TDECQ. Compare up to four optical channels side by side using various measurement and visualization tools.

  • Parallel channel acquisition and analysis
  • Streamlined programmatic interface for automation
  • Dynamic measurement report generation and data management solutions

Save time, space, and money with modular design

Optimize test setups with the 8 Series’ compact form factor and user-swappable modules to quickly adapt to changes in workflow and accommodate next generation technologies. The smaller form factor of 8 Series instruments, driven by higher density devices, significantly reduces overall production floor space. The TSO820 Sampling Oscilloscope Mainframe also features up to 8 times faster pattern acquisition as compared to the previous generation, increasing test throughput.

  • 3U High, half-rack wide
  • Scalable channel count
  • Up to 4 optical channels per system
Tektronix 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope
Tektonix 8 Series Oscilloscope

High performance hardware

Confidence in device measurements begins with the exceptional hardware platform of the 8 Series, enabling accurate, repeatable, and reliable measurements. The high-sensitivity, low noise design of 8 Series Optical Modules are ideal for single mode and multimode testing, especially on low power signals.

May 2022 software release enabling new features

NEW Math Engine

  • Standard support for data modifiers such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Perform complex operations such as waveform resampling, overlay to create eye diagrams, and FFE configuration and equalization
  • Input sources to Math expressions include live channels (streaming from the TSO820), saved reference data, and other Math sources
  • Math sources are fully supported by existing analysis tools such as measurement, histograms, zoom, and more

NEW User Defined Bandwidth

  • View signals in a whole new way with user defined bandwidth configurations available in BWE
  • 8 Series Optical Modules support bandwidths between 7.5 GHz and 35.0 GHz, adjustable in 0.0001 GHz increments

Upgraded flexibility

  • Additional support for even more optical standards
  • Improved equalization and configuration available in Math

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Optical testing simplified: The 8 Series Optical Clock Recovery

An ideal companion to the 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope, the TCR801 Optical Clock Recovery is designed to support a growing list of optical standards. As a part of the 8 Series, this instrument simplifies optical testing by efficiently recovering the clock on high-speed optical signals.

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Tektronix 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope
Model Analog Bandwidth Sample Rate Channels List Price Configure And Quote
TSO820 Module Dependent 300 kS/s Up to 4 - Configure & Quote
Model Analog Bandwidth Sample Rate Channels List Price Configure And Quote
TSO820 Module Dependent 300 kS/s Up to 4 - Configure & Quote
Data Sheet Module Description Configure and Quote
View Datasheet TSO8C17 8 Series Optical Module: Single Channel, Single / Multi Mode, 30GHz optical bandwidth for 50G/100G/200G/400G Configure and Quote
View Datasheet TSO8C18 8 Series Optical Module: Dual Channel, Single / Multi Mode, 30GHz optical bandwidth for 50G/100G/200G/400G Configure and Quote