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RFX100 RFXpress - Advanced RF/IF/IQ Waveform Creation and Editing Software is no longer available for purchase. SourceXpressTM Arbitrary Waveform Generator Software is the recommended replacement. Information on this product is located at

RF signals are becoming more and more complex, making it more difficult to accurately create the signals required for conformance and margin testing. To address these challenges, RFXpress delivers advanced capabilities to synthesize digitally modulated baseband, IF and RF/microwave signals supporting a wide range of modulation schemes. RFXpress simplifies waveform creation.

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Baseband analog or digital IQ, IF and RF/microwave signal generation on AWG Series Imports captured or simulated signals, or synthesize them directly. Apply impairments such as quadrature error and imbalance or non-linear impairments, or add interferences and multipaths during waveform creation. Replay signals at desired frequency or output.
Radar synthesis plug-in Create independent single or multiple pulse groups to form a coherent or a non-coherent pulse train. Define inter and intra pulse hopping patterns in both frequency and amplitude. Visualize defined radar pulse patterns graphically in spectrogram view.
WiMedia UWB synthesis plug-in Direct RF generation of all WiMedia UWB band groups (BG1 to BG6) and all time frequency codes (TFC 1-10). Comprehensive WiMedia UWB signal generation support for standard or custom MAC and PHY layers. Create signals required for WiMedia UWB PHY compliance and interoperability receiver testing.