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Five Reasons to Switch to the 2460 or 2461 SMU from the 2420 or 2440 SMU for High Current I-V Characterization

The Keithley 2420 and 2440 High Current SourceMeter SMUs have been an industry favorite instrument for over 20 years for performing current vs. voltage (I-V) characterization on components such as high current semiconductor devices, power MOSFETs, laser diodes, high brightness LEDs, power management devices, circuit protection devices, and much more.  But, test and measurement industry is facing a number of component obsolescence issues that are impacting legacy instruments like the 2420 and 2440.  This technical brief details five reasons why the Keithley 2460 and 2461 Graphical Touchscreen SourceMeter SMUs are the ideal replacement for the 2420 and 2440, including an extremely powerful user interface, triggering, programming, and configuration and even a price advantage over the 2420 and 2440.