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Spectrum Monitoring Moves to the Edge with Intel NUC Mini PCs

Rack-mounted spectrum monitoring solution

This case study explores the potential of combining Tektronix USB-based signal analyzers and Intel® NUC Mini PCs for a fast, cost-effective spectrum monitoring solution.

Drone detection is just one of many applications for Tektronix’s USB-based Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers. When paired with small, powerful Intel® NUC Performance Mini PCs, the solutions can capture spectrum data in real time and process it at the edge, reducing network traffic. Because of their small size and portability, the solutions can also be stored easily, deployed quickly, and installed in a wide range of locations, including on manufacturing lines, radio towers, sport arena rafters, ships, and vehicles. The low cost of these high-powered solutions enables Tektronix to pass cost savings on to commercial and public customers.