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A system-in-package (SiP) solution offers the capabilities of a complete system in one device. By reducing the footprint of the package on the final board assembly, a system in package provides expanded functionality in a smaller form factor.

As a high-performance IC packaging and hybrid circuit provider, Tektronix Component Solutions can design, assemble and test custom system-in-package devices. With proven experience developing custom packages for some of Tektronix' highest-speed test instruments, our system-in-package solutions can help product developers achieve next-generation performance levels.

Reducing Size, Weight and Power

By combining the functionality of a complete system into one packaged device, a SiP solution offers reductions in size, weight and power (SWaP) that are critical to next-generation performance in defense and medical applications. Tektronix Component Solutions' capabilities in manufacturing multi-chip devices, surface mount assembies, and flip chip and wire bond interconnects, enable the development of complete system-in-package solutions to improve performance and reduce footprint.

High Performance System-in-Package Development

As a strategic part of Tektronix for more than 40 years, Tektronix Component Solutions delivers leading edge, instrument-grade performance in our custom IC packages. A system-in-package solution provides a means to enable that leading edge performance by enabling increased functionality while still maintaining a small package size. In addition, a SiP solution reduces interconnect and trace lengths, minimizing the impact of parasitics and improving overall electrical performance.