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With 32,000 square feet of Class 10,000 (ISO 7) clean-room space, Tektronix Component Solutions' lean manufacturing facility, located in Beaverton, Oregon, is optimized for low-to-moderate IC assembly volumes of 100 to 100,000 parts per year. We support a variety of IC assembly and hybrid technologies, including wire bonding, flip chip ball grid arrays (FCBGA), multi chip modules, and various other configurations. Our flexible manufacturing space and diverse base of IC packaging and hybrid technologies helps make us an ideal partner for building high-performance, high-complexity devices for industrial (i.e. non-consumer) applications.

For projects requiring wafer processing (e.g., wafer bumping, thinning, dicing), we maintain relationships with a variety of industry suppliers and offer supply chain management capabilities to enable a turnkey solution for your microelectronic parts.

Lean Manufacturing

Tektronix Component Solutions applies lean manufacturing principles throughout our facility and is focused on continuous improvement to remove waste, streamline processes and ensure that assembly activities are providing value to our customers. To support this goal, our 18 lean cells are constantly evaluated on strict standards of quality, delivery, inventory and productivity (QDIP). QDIP metrics are clearly communicated at each cell by a visual management system, allowing managers and operators to quickly assess performance at any given time. With these metrics as a guide, our manufacturing team consistently seeks to pro-actively enhance the design and flow of lean cells to improve performance (e.g. takt time, yield, throughput).

Rapid Prototyping

Tektronix Component Solutions offers rapid prototyping services designed to support the need for faster validation of IC and package designs, and speed transition to full production. Our rapid prototyping services offer you a path to validate newly fabricated ASICs by providing access to advanced interconnect capabilities and a low-cost means of identifying issues.

Based upon potential requirement variations, we offer three service levels for rapid prototyping:

  • BGA Build-to-Print
  • Advanced Build-to-Print
  • Process Evaluation Build

Entry-level prototyping is offered via Tektronix Component Solutions' BGA Build-to-Print service, assembling JEDEC-standard Ball Grid Arrays in as little as three business days. For more complex needs that may require additional assembly time, we offer the Advanced Build-to-Print and Process Evaluation Build service levels to provide additional solutions and flexibility for custom requirements. 

Die Attach and Package Sealing Capabilities

For basic die attach requirements, Tektronix Component Solutions utilizes solder or epoxy bonding methodologies. For more advanced requirements, such as hermetic packaging, Tektronix Component Solutions can employ eutectic die attach techniques. Additionally, we have offer flip chip assembly and wire bonding services, covered in more detail by clicking the previous links.

When it comes to package sealing, we generally utilize epoxy to meet standard requirements. For hermetic devices, we seam seal utilizing electroless or electrolytic plating.


In support of our defense customers, we are an ITAR-registered facility and an accredited Category 1A Microelectronics Trusted Supplier. Category 1A certification, the highest designation awarded by the U.S. Department of Defense, enables Tektronix Component Solutions to serve U.S. defense customers with classified program requirements.

Additionally, Tektronix Component Solutions is ISO9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certified. We are also capable of supplying RoHS-compliant parts.