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EA PSB 10000 Battery Request

EA PSB 10000 Battery Request

The EA-PSB 10000 series is a bidirectional DC power supply with an integrated regenerative electronic load. This unit includes a 30kW in a 4U chassis, with a maximum voltage of 2000 VDC. This series can be easily paralleled to provide almost 1.92MW of power.

One of the key features of the EA-PSB 10000 series is its true auto-ranging capability. This means that as the test voltage decreases, higher currents can be achieved, and vice versa. This wide range of test routines makes it a versatile solution for various applications.

The PSB series is equipped with a 5" TFT touch panel display, which allows for intuitive control, setup, and programming. The user-friendly interface eliminates the need for extensive manual review, enabling quick configuration and testing. In addition to its advanced control capabilities, the EA bidirectional DC power supplies also come with several built-in features.

These include:

  • An arbitrary waveform function generator
  • Swappable digital interface control
  • Built-in test routines for battery testing, photovoltaic simulation, and MPP tracking

With its comprehensive range of features and capabilities, the EA-PSB 10000 series is a reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of professional applications. Whether you need to test batteries, simulate photovoltaic systems, or perform MPP tracking, this bidirectional DC power supply is designed to meet your needs.

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