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Tektronix Announces New Powerful & Affordable Tools For Integrating 802.11 a/b/g/j/n/p/ac WLAN Connectivity Into Product Designs

From home appliances to industrial equipment, the demand for integrating Wi-Fi into just about everything has grown dramatically over the last few years. This is especially true in the world of electrical engineering, which is why we’re excited to announce the release of Tektronix’s new powerful (and affordable!) tools for integrating 802.11 a/b/g/j/n/p/ac WLAN connectivity into product designs. These tools will provide numerous new capabilities and upgrades to our mixed domain oscilloscope, performance oscilloscope, and spectrum analyzer families.

The new WLAN tools span several products that together provide the highest value, most convenient 802.11 a/b/g/j/n/p/ac test and debug solution on the market. To support the WLAN tools in both instruments and software solutions for wireless and RF test applications, Tektronix also released several other significant enhancements including:

  • Introduction of the MDO4000B Series featuring significantly improved spectrum analyzer performance. The MDO4000B is being used for wireless applications areas spanning everything from automotive and medical to consumer electronics and home appliances, and more. Plus, Tektronix offers the world’s first (and only!) mixed domain oscilloscope, capable of acquiring time-correlated analog, digital and RF signals in a single instrument.



  • Introduction of the RSA5000B instruments providing 165 MHz real-time capture bandwidth and class-leading minimum signal duration for 100 percent probability of intercept. This higher bandwidth is required for testing many applications, including high-performance 802.11ac signals.


  • New options for SignalVu-PC software include a live link to the MDO4000B series and support for 802.11 a/b/g/j/n/p/ac transmitter measurements.


  • New options for RSA5000B, RSA6000 and SPECMON spectrum analyzers add 802.11a/b/g/n/ac transmitter measurements.



  • And last, SignalVu options for WLAN support on Tektronix MSO/DPO70000 Series and DPO7000 Series oscilloscopes.

With the release of these new introductions, Tektronix is proud to provide electrical engineers with the industry’s only mixed-domain WLAN test solution. “There is a huge market need for better WLAN test solutions across all phases of the product lifecycle. We are meeting this need with better usability at about half the cost of alternatives,” said Jim McGillivary, general manager, Source Analyzer Product Line, Tektronix.

We’re excited about this announcement and hope you are too, check out the new enhancements and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Since publishing the above blog, Tektronix is currently offering a free upgrade to 3/6 GHz spectrum analyzers and a free bundle of software applications on mixed-domain oscilloscopes. Check out the details here and save away!