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COAXIAL DYNAMICS Calibration Services

Tektronix can manage 100% of your calibration needs.

Tektronix is the nation's leading provider of multi-brand calibration services. With a national network of resources, a robust quality program and broad capabilities, we offer standard and custom solutions to deliver fast, accurate calibration when and how it's needed.

  • Flexible delivery options, including pick-up and delivery, local drop-off, service centers and onsite service.
  • A variety of calibration levels matched to meet your specifications.
  • Complementary access to CalWeb®, a comprehensive online asset management application from Tektronix. Track assets, store certificates and invoices, and get an organization-wide view of your calibration program.
  • Expert technicians with experience in aerospace, automotive and medical industries ensure each calibration meets your specific quality requirements.
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Tektronix multi-brand commercial calibration services can calibrate more than 140,000 instruments from 9,000 manufacturers, including the following models from COAXIAL DYNAMICS

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Model Description
81000-A WATTMETER; THRULINE DIRECTIONAL; .1 W - 10 KW Get a Fast Quote
82014 WATTMETER; ELEMENT; 25-60 MHZ; 0.1 - 100 W Get a Fast Quote
82030 WATTMETER; ELEMENT; 100-250 MHZ; 0.1 - 100 W Get a Fast Quote
82047 WATTMETER; ELEMENT; 400-1000 MHZ; 0.1 - 100 W Get a Fast Quote
82075 UNKNOWN Get a Fast Quote
820M1105 UNKNOWN Get a Fast Quote
820Q1105 UNKNOWN Get a Fast Quote

Calibration services by instrument type

Our experienced technicians and specialized equipment are ready to calibrate instruments of the following types: