Applications — Standards Expertise Designed Into All Our Tools

The newest wireless, embedded systems technologies, serial data and video designs present you with unprecedented measurement challenges. Our standards expertise and measurement tools help you meet them all. You can shorten your design cycle, gain greater technical insight and improve team productivity to bring new products and services to market much faster.

Serial Technologies

Tektronix provides automated measurement suites that speed up PHY validation cycles and ensure consistency. Speed up debugging with tools like Protocol Decoding and Visual Trigger when compliance measurements fail. Tektronix Simplifies Serial Test Complexity.

Memory Test (DDR) Displayport
Ethernet HDMI
PCI Express SATA / SAS


Video Test

The latest digital video technologies are faster and often more complex than prior generations and require video test equipment capable of greater performance and more extensive analysis. Tektronix mission critical test, measurement and monitoring tools help you preserve signal integrity, reduce production time, reduce operating costs, ensure standards compliance and optimize system performance.

Technologies Industries
Audio and ANC Data Monitoring Broadcasters
File-based QC Cable TV Operators
IP Video Content Creation & Post Production
MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 / H.264 Telco Operators
SD / HD / 3G-SDI Video Design & Test
RF Video  



RF Test

Today's Microwave and RF world is merging the digital computing and traditional analog RF technologies. This integration of digital and analog RF is presenting engineers with a new highly complex environment, necessitating a new generation of Microwave and RF test tools.

Tektronix delivers the signal generation and analysis capabilities required to overcome the most challenging microwave and RF design challenges with confidence.

APCO P25 Testing
EMI Troubleshooting
Radar Test and Electronic Warfare
Radio Test and Satellite Test Equipment
Spectrum Management
Wi-Fi Testing


Additional Application Support

Complex electronic designs are driving innovation across many industries today. Learn more about Tektronix testing support for optical and electrical design troubleshooting and standards compliance efforts in these application areas.

Technologies Industries
Jitter Measurement Automotive
Optical Communications Education
Power Measurement  
Signal Integrity  
Embedded Serial  
Serial Data Link Analysis  
Memory Test  



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