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WLAN Testing and Analysis (IEEE 802.11) Testing and Analysis

Accelerate and Simplify Test and Analysis of 802.11 Wireless LAN Devices

Whether you are testing a new chipset, designing a new wireless module, or integrating a WLAN module into your latest design, Tektronix provides Wi-Fi physical layer (PHY) testing solutions to help you get the job done and get your design to market faster.

Check out the information below to learn more about best practices for WLAN testing, pre-compliance steps for success and how Tektronix solutions can help you pass your performance and compliance tests the first time.


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802.11 Wi-Fi Testing Made Easy
Download your poster today and enjoy the convenience of seeing all Wi-Fi standards at a glance. This poster will help you to understand and quickly reference new emerging Wi-Fi standards.
Wi-Fi: Overview of the 802.11 Physical Layer and Transmitter Measurements
Wi-Fi is a technology that allows many electronic devices to exchange data or connect to the internet wirelessly using radio waves. The Wi-Fi Alliance defines Wi-Fi devices as any "Wireless Local Area …
Baseband Response Characterization of I-Q Modulators
Learn how an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) and a mixed domain oscilloscope (MDO) can be used for basedband frequency response, single-sideband suppression, amplitude and phase errors, and …
How to Select your Wi-Fi Module
When you search for a Wi-Fi module for your application, there are many different kinds of solutions to choose from.  Read this guide on best practices for selecting the optimal Wi-Fi chipset or …
Spectrum Pre-compliance for Wireless LAN Regulatory Testing
The most common way to add wireless capability is to use a prepackaged WLAN module. While this approach greatly simplifies the process, it still has many challenges. This application note outlines the …
Find out how the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute (TIRI) reduced their testing time of wideband signals like IEEE 802.11ad with the Tektronix DPO70000SX. Previously …
3m 43s
Internet of Things trend is driving the incorporation of wireless into a multitude of devices. With increased pressure on time to market, it is ideal to have a measurement tool for the complete …
7m 18s
Get RF analysis power in the palm of your hand at an unmatched price with the RSA306B. Small on price and big on performance the RSA306B now has improved dynamic range and a 3-year warranty.
1m 21s
Neat and compact, the RSA600 USB Spectrum Analyzer Series works with your laptop or PC and powerful SignalVu-PC software to save space and minimize the cost of testing. Its speed and accuracy gets …
1m 31s
Get the full featured spectrum analyzers you need in one small, low price package. Whether your analysis takes you to the field or the lab, from interference hunting and spectrum management to …
1m 26s
Get techniques for in-system checks on Wi-Fi or other wireless modules by simultaneously viewing radio output, transceiver power supply, and RS-232 serial control bus.  Learn how to optimize …
4m 28s
Learn how to perform a parametric test covered by the ZigBee standard, including modulation quality and error vector magnitude measurements as well as spectrum emissions mask, signal quality and …
5m 17s
It’s useful to ensure that your ZigBee Radio RF module is turning on correctly before you integrate it into a ZigBee device. See how to perform this test with your PC using the RSA607A and …
7m 36s
Make sure you’re getting good signal strength from your wireless LAN device by testing for first turn on using a Tektronix RSA607A controlled by your PC and SignalVu-PC software.
6m 49s
Watch this video to see how to perform a radiated EMI pre-compliance test, to ensure your device complies with the WLAN IEEE 802.11 standards, using the RSA607A and SignalVu-PC software.
8m 33s
Learn how to conduct wireless LAN parametric RF testing for the physical layer against the IEEE 802.11 standards, using the RSA607A Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer controlled from a PC powered by …
7m 59s
Navigating the Road to WiGig
This webinar features Tektronix expert, Dorine Gurney, sharing her insights on the key factors to consider when performing transmitter testing to IEEE 802.11ad. Topics covered include:• What are the …
Wi-Fi Pre-Compliance Measurements
If you’re integrating a WLAN radio into your design, you probably have questions on how to pass compliance tests for FCC regulations. Surprisingly, only 1 in 10 engineers pass the first time. And …