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Troubleshoot your Wireless Network in Real-Time

Address Private Mobile Radio networks quickly and get out of the field faster with the portable RSA306. Small enough to fit in your pocket or tool belt for field RF installation, yet powerful enough to deliver real-time signal analysis.

The RSA306 USB Spectrum Analyzer helps you identify elusive signals with capabilities found in high performance analyzers and its price is just as impressive as its size. Get your own RSA306 for half the cost of a conventional spectrum analyzer.


Get the full featured spectrum analyzers you need in one small, low price package. Whether your analysis takes you to the field or the lab, from interference hunting and spectrum management to …
1m 26s
Fast and light, the RSA503A and RSA507A are your all-in-one field tools for Spectrum Analysis. They are USB spectrum analyzers, interference hunters and cable and antennae testers with tracking …
1m 43s
Get RF analysis power in the palm of your hand at an unmatched price with the RSA306B. Small on price and big on performance the RSA306B now has improved dynamic range and a 3-year warranty.
1m 21s
Watch this video to see how to perform a radiated EMI pre-compliance test, to ensure your device complies with the WLAN IEEE 802.11 standards, using the RSA607A and SignalVu-PC software.
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