What feature does the DPO4BND included?


What feature does the DPO4BND included?


DPO4BND includes the features for the following modules.

·         DPO4AERO

·         DPO4AUDIO

·         DPO4AUTO

·         DPO4COMP

·         DPO4EMBD

·         DPO4ENET

·         DPO4LMT

·         DPO4PWR

·         DPO4USB

·         DPO4VID

Note: Compatiblity Issues below:

·         The DPO4BND application module is compatible with all MDO/MSO/DPO4000B/C and MDO4000 series instruments.

·         The DPO4BND application module is compatible with MSO/DPO4000 non-B Series if running firmware > v3.18.

·         The DPO4BND requires firmware version 3.18 or greater for instrument compatibility

This FAQ Applies to:

Product Series: MDO4000, MSO4000 / DPO4000

Product: DPO4BND

FAQ ID : 72101

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