DPO4000/MSO4000: Which network printers are supported?


DPO4000/MSO4000: Which network printers are supported?


Tektronix cannot test every network capable printer, thus a comprehensive list is not available.

In general, the DPO/MSO4000 series should be compatible with all Postscript-capable printers attached to a LPR/LPD-compatible printer server.

Network printers that use a Windows-based print server are not supported. There is also a protocol to talk to certain brands of network capable printers directly (primarily HP), which is also not supported.

Network printers that are host-based printers are not supported.

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Product: DPO4054, DPO4034, DPO4032, DPO4104, MSO4032, MSO4034, MSO4054, MSO4104

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