SourceXpress™ Arbitrary Waveform Generator Software

PC-based software for arbitrary waveform generator control & emulation
  • From your PC, create waveforms using tools specifically targeted for your needs
  • From your PC, control one or many source instruments such as the AWG70000s
  • Control one or several AWG70000 instruments from one application
  • Load and play waveforms remotely
  • There is no new application to learn! SourceXpress™ has the same look and feel as the AWG70000 instruments


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SourceXpress runs on your PCBetter time and resource utilization; control instruments remotely; create waveforms and/or modify waveforms
Emulate your AWG on the goEmulate an AWG instrument anywhere to build the waveforms you’ll run in the lab
Control your synchronized sourcesControl your multiple or synchronized AWGs from anywhere
Create waveforms, sequences and sub-sequences with easeSmaller and faster plug-ins allow for easy waveform creation, similar to RFXpress and SerialXpress
Pre-compensation and S-parametersPre-compensate waveforms for distortion at your DUT or apply S-parameters to your waveforms
Add jitter, impairments, multipath, doppler and moreSimulate impairments to test real world environments in the lab
Import the most common waveform filesUse saved waveform files created from the most common tools, including RFXpress, SerialXpress, Matlab, Excel and more
Only one interface to learn
  • SourceXpress™ has an identical look and feel to the AWG70000. Learn only one interface
  • Waveform Plug-Ins integrate seamlessly on the PC or on an AWG
Get only the plug-ins you needFrom the library of waveform creation tools, have the flexibility to install and license only the waveform plug-ins you need -- without unwanted software features or overhead

Add advanced measurements with AWG plug-ins -- FREE for 30 days

Try these advanced measurements with a trial license. (All trials are floating licenses.)

These plug-ins can also be installed on the AWG70000 Series directly.

Node locked licenses let you move to a new PC three times. Floating licenses allow selected users to manage individual licenses.


AWG70000 Plug-ins 

 Generic Precompensation

  • Creates correction coefficients that can be applied on waveforms to get flat frequency and linear phase response.
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3Request a quote on PRECOMFL-SS01 (floating license)
Request a quote on PRECOMNL-SS01 (node-locked license)

 High Speed Serial

  • Enables the creation of the exact waveforms required for thorough and repeatable design validation, margin/characterization, and conformance testing.
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3Request a quote on HSSFL-SS01 (floating license)
Request a quote on HSSNL-SS01 (node-locked license)

 Multi-Tone and Chirp

  • Notch out frequencies by setting the start and end frequency of choice.
  • When generating chirps, set high-to-low or low-to-high frequency sweeps and define chirp characteristics by sweep time or sweep rate.
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Request a quote on MTONENL-SS01 (node-locked license)

 RF Generic

  • Delivers advanced capabilities to synthesize digitally modulated baseband, IF, and RF/microwave signals supporting a wide range of modulation schemes.
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  • Enables precise channel or device emulation by applying extracted S-parameters directly onto any waveform.
  • S-parameter files can be generated using a vector network analyzer and are convolved with the base pattern to recreate channel characteristics. By applying inverse filtering, the effects of the channel can be effectively de-embedded from the system.
  • The S-parameter plug-in also enables the ISI capability within the High Speed Serial plug-in.
1This capability is built into several plugins and only requires a license to use it
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3Request a quote on SPARAFL-SS01 (floating license)
Request a quote on SPARANL-SS01 (node-locked license)

 Spread Spectrum Clock (SSC)

  • Allows for SSC modulation to be added with precisely controlled profile, spread, deviation, and df/dt.
  • It supports triangular, sinusoidal, and user-defined frequency spreading schemes that can be added to the base pattern.
1This capability is built into the High Speed Serial plugin and only requires a license to use it
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Request a quote on SSCNL-SS01 (node-locked license)

 Optical Plug-In

  • Easily define and generate complex dual polarization modulation schemes with separately configured baseband data.
  • Define optical waveforms using a variety of predefined modulation schemes such as, BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, OOK, NRZ, up to 8 PAM, and up to QAM1024 – including QAM8.
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  • Create multiple customized pulses and pulse groups to simulate multiple target returns and antenna scanning
  • Choose from a wide variety of intra-pulse modulations (LFM, Barker, Piecewise LFM, nonlinear LFM, and more)
  • Simulate antenna scanning with different beam profiles
  • Define inter-pulse-hopping patterns in both frequency and phase
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Request a quote on RADARNL-SS01 (node-locked license)
This video demonstrated the use of SourceXpress, the AWG free utility software that allows users to run the AWG interface on their Windows PC.
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