Power Sensor Meter Software V4.5.0.0

This file includes applications that allow you to set up and take RF and Microwave power measurements with Tektronix PSM3000, PSM4000, and PSM5000 power sensors/meters. It includes the following applications: Power Meter Application, High Speed Data Logger, Pulse Profiling Application (supported by the PSM5000 Series only), and programming examples.

  • Version: V4.5.0.0
  • Software Type: Application
  • Release Date:
  • Part Number: 077060800

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This software applies to: PSM3110, PSM3120, PSM3310, PSM3320, PSM3510, PSM4110, PSM4120, PSM4320, PSM4410, PSM5110, PSM5120, PSM5320, PSM5410


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