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Wi-Fi: Overview of the 802.11 Physical Layer and Transmitter Measurements

This primer provides a general overview for each of the 802.11 standards, including their PHY layer characteristics (spectral and modulation), their packet format and their transmitter testing requirements.

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802.11 Wi-Fi Testing Made Easy Poster

This poster provides a comprehensive overview of channel allocation, spectral shape, packet information, data rates, modulation types and transmitter measurements for each of the 802.11 standards.

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How to Select Your Wi-Fi Module Application Note

When you search for a Wi-Fi module for your applications, there are many different kinds of wireless modules & solutions to choose from. Read this guide on best practices for selecting the optimal WLAN chipset or module for integration.

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WLAN Pre-Compliance Wizard for SignalVu-PC and MDO4000B

The Tektronix WLAN Pre-compliance wizard provides automated steps to conduct the pre-compliance measurements derived from regulatory bodies to verify physical layer compliance of your WLAN device. It uses SignalVu-PC and the MDO4000B Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscope as the measurement platform.

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Spectrum Pre-compliance for Wireless LAN Regulatory Testing

The most common way to add WLAN capability is to use a pre-packaged wireless module. While this approach greatly simplifies the process, it still has many challenges. This application note outlines the typical design cycle and potential pitfalls you may encounter.

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Everyday Edisons: Embedded Wireless Customer Testimonial Video

Internet of Things trend is driving the incorporation of wireless into a multitude of devices. With increased pressure on time to market, it is ideal to have a measurement tool for the complete embedded design, from digital to analog to RF. View this video to learn how SignalVu-PC and the MDO4000B can help get your next embedded wireless design up and running.

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