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TLA Application Software V5.6.754

Includes support for new TLA7ACx, TLA7BBx, and TLA7BC4 modules.The LA Setup window has been redesigned for improved usability.A new version of TekVISA(TM) provides significant improvements in the area of network connectivity.It cannot be installed on Windows 2000, or on TLA700 or TLA600 series instruments.------------ WARNING WHEN UPGRADING TLA7012 --------------Do NOT turn on the TLA Server before completing the ENTIRE upgrade procedure, which INCLUDES TLA7012 mainframe firmware upgrades.

This software applies to: TLA7012 , TLA7016 , TLA7PC1 , TLA5201 , TLA5202 , TLA5203 , TLA5204 , TLA5201B , TLA5202B , TLA5203B , TLA5204B

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