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5 Series MSO Free Trials

Most field upgrades for the optional features for the 5 Series MSO are also available for a one-time, 30-day free trial. These are available simply by requesting a trial software license and installing the node-locked license in the instrument.

This FAQ applies to:
MSO54, MSO56, MSO58
5 Series MSO Feature Upgrades

Most optional, factory-installed features for the 5 Series MSO are also available as field upgrades, and are installed simply by ordering an upgrade product and entering a new, node-locked software license into the instrument.

This FAQ applies to:
MSO54, MSO56, MSO58
5 Series MSO Setup File Recall Warning

The 5 Series MSO will display a pop-up warning message when it is not completely successful recalling the saved state of the instrument with a setup or session file.

The following message will appear on the display:


This FAQ applies to:
MSO54, MSO56, MSO58
SignalVu-PC Error 1722 After Installing SignalVu-PC

There can be several reasons for the 1722 error.  The most common are:

This FAQ applies to:
RSA306, RSA306B, RSA503A, RSA507A, RSA603A, RSA607A
Tkdpo2k3k4k_ReadWaveform() Function in the IVI-C Driver Keeps Timing Out

The Tkdpo2k3k4k_ReadWaveform() function makes use of the Service Request Event in VISA so the scope can notify the driver when it has completed its acquisition and the waveform data is ready to be fetched as opposed to the driver polling the scope for when it is done.

This FAQ applies to:
MDO3012, MDO3014, MDO3022, MDO3024, MDO3032, MDO3034, MDO3052, MDO3054, MDO3102, MDO3104, MDO4014-3, MDO4014B-3, MDO4024C, MDO4034-3, MDO4034B-3, MDO4034C, MDO4054-3, MDO4054-6, MDO4054B-3, MDO4054B-6, MDO4054C, MDO4104-3, MDO4104-6, MDO4104B-3, MDO4104B-6, MDO4104C, MSO2002, MSO2002B, MSO2004B, MSO2012, MSO2012B, MSO2014, MSO2014B, MSO2022B, MSO2024, MSO2024B, MSO3012, MSO3014, MSO3032, MSO3034, MSO3054, MSO4014B, MSO4032, MSO4034, MSO4034B, MSO4054, MSO4054B, MSO4102B, MSO4102B-L, MSO4104, MSO4104B, MSO4104B-L, DPO2002, DPO2002B, DPO2004B, DPO2012, DPO2012B, DPO2014, DPO2014B, DPO2022B, DPO2024, DPO2024B
TPI4000 Series (TPI4202 and TPI4208)

The TPI4000 Series (TPI4202 and TPI4208) were OEM products that Tektronix resold under the Tektronix name.  Tektronix no longer provides repair for these models.  Repair for this model/series is through the OEM manufacture, Absolute Analysis.

This FAQ applies to:
How to use the RSA API in LabWindows/CVI 2010

National Instrument has confirmed this issue with other external libraries and has written up a KnowledgeBase article showing how to fix the issue.  You can read this article at the following URL.

This FAQ applies to:
RSA306, RSA306B, RSA306BRACK, RSA306RACK, RSA503A, RSA507A, RSA603A, RSA607A
Key differences between the TBS2000, MSO/DPO2000B, TBS1000B, and TDS2000C

Below is a condensed table of key specifications of this range of oscilloscopes. More information can be found on the data sheets or in the manuals of each of the oscilloscope product lines.

This FAQ applies to:
TBS1032B, TBS1052B, TBS1072B, TBS1102B, TBS1152B, TBS1202B, TBS2072, TBS2074, TBS2102, TBS2104, TDS2002, TDS2004, TDS2012, TDS2014, TDS2022, TDS2024, MSO2002B, MSO2004B, MSO2012B, MSO2014B, MSO2022B, MSO2024B, DPO2002B, DPO2004B, DPO2012B, DPO2014B, DPO2022B, DPO2024B
What's included in the MDO3000 and MDO4000C DDU option?

The Distribution Demo Unit (DDU) option on Tektronix oscilloscopes is an option provided to distributors for demoing scopes to customers with a set time limit before it expires.

This FAQ applies to:
MDO3012, MDO3014, MDO3022, MDO3024, MDO3032, MDO3034, MDO3052, MDO3054, MDO3102, MDO3104, MDO4024C, MDO4034C, MDO4054C, MDO4104C
What is the difference between the Keithley 2636A and 2636B?

In addition to retaining all the features of the Model 2636A, the Model 2636B has 6½-digit resolution, USB 2.0 connectivity, and software command emulation of the Model 2400 SourceMeter SMU Instrument that enables easy migration of legacy test code.

This FAQ applies to:
2636A, 2636B

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