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How to measure Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR)?
The Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, or TCR, is a measurement of a resistor's change in resistance per change in temperature. It is typically measured in ppm/°C, that is, parts-per-million change in ohms per change of 1 degree centigrade. Common …

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What is the bandwidth of Spectrum View on the MSO4/5/6?
Spectrum View is a unique approach to frequency domain analysis present on some Tektronix oscilloscopes that allows you to simultaneously examine time and frequency aspects of a single signal. Learn more about Spectrum View here.  The minimum bandwidth of …

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KickStart Battery Simulator App FAQs
What benefits does the KickStart Software Battery Simulator App provide? The new Battery Simulator App includes: Ability to generate, edit, and simulate custom battery models. Responsive user interface allows changes to the simulated state of …

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What is the battery charging time for the 2 Series MSO?
Charging with the instrument OFF One battery: ~3 hours Two batteries: ~5 hours Charging with the instrument ON One battery: ~6 hours Two batteries: ~10 hours Charging with the external battery charger TEKCHG-01, the charge time is 5 hours …

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How do I create a single pulse with SourceXpress?
Creating single pulses for your Arbitrary Waveform Generator in SourceXpress simply requires some consideration to your AWG’s sample rate, and a waveform file. Remember the time of any signal output by an AWG = the sample rate of the AWG / the number of …

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What are the differences between the TBS1000C and TBS1000B?
Enhancement: Longer record length for 20k compared to 2.5k on the B model scope 10 x 15 divisions graticule area compared to 8 x 10 on the B model scope Cursor support with on screen readouts in math FFT Improved noise level Vertical …

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What is the difference between the 2230 and 2230G?
The G designation in Keithley power supply model numbers indicates that the power supply has a built-in GPIB port. However, some models might include a GPIB port without having a G in their model number. Check the instrument datasheet for the most accurate …

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How to configure the Model 6220/6221 and 2182A for Delta Mode?
The Keithley Models 6220 and 6221 Current Sources are designed to work with the Model 2182A Nanovoltmeter to measure very low resistances. A good method of doing this is called the Delta Method as described in the Keithley Low Level Measurements Handbook …

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Why do I measure a different value between channel 1 and channel 2 on my 2182A?
When measuring the same voltage source, if you notice a difference in reported voltage between channel 1 and channel 2 of your nanovoltmeter, you might be seeing the effects of pumpout current. This effect is significant when measuring voltages <1V and the …

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