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Advanced Research

Accelerate Your Research

With a collaborative technology partner

At Tektronix, we deeply admire the pioneering research efforts being carried out by universities across the country. Working at the forefront of knowledge, your contributions are not only driving innovation but also addressing critical challenges for the greater good.

We understand the journey of advanced research is often accompanied by stringent grant milestones and deliverables. Meeting these requirements can be a formidable task. This is where a trusted and innovative testing technology partner becomes invaluable.

Why Partner with Tektronix?

  • Efficiency and Focus: Focus on your core research and leave the testing aspects to us.
  • Advanced Capabilities: We offer a range of advanced testing capabilities in quantum physics, wide bandgap semiconductors, data communications, spectroscopy, and more.
  • Expert Support: Our team of engineers offers the highest standards in technical proficiency and a desire to push the boundaries of innovation and knowledge through collaboration.

Solutions for Advanced Research

Parameter Analyzer

Semiconductor Research

Materials like Gallium Nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) are crucial to future power transmission technologies. Materials research is also boosting the conversion efficiency and power output of solar cells. Tektronix is leading the world in sensitive test and measurement instrumentation to unlock the potential of new materials.

Quantum Research

Quantum Research

Quantum computing researchers around the world are rapidly scaling up from single qubit proof-of-concept designs to complex multi qubit designs for validation of operating theory.

Rotational Spectroscopy

Rotational Spectroscopy

Rotational spectroscopy involves transmitting microwave or millimeter wave chirps through a gas sample, acquiring the received signal with a broad-band signal acquisition system, converting the time domain data to frequency domain, and finally, performing a pattern match of the acquired data against theoretical spectral composition of specific molecules to identify the actual contents of the gas sample.

Photonic Doppler Velocimetry

Photonic Doppler Velocimetry

Photonic doppler velocimetry, allows accurate velocity measurement of materials subjected to shock events. Initially developed to better understand the high energy physics related to explosive events, PDV analysis continues to evolve, with tremendous potential to advance research related to dynamic compression and shock physics.

education teaching lab

Solutions for Education

Tektronix has a history of creating the test and measurement tools that help engineers innovate faster. From bench oscilloscopes for basic measurement to digital multimeters, waveform generators, software, and service plans, we provide a complete solution to make sure your labs meet the ever-changing curriculum landscape.

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Quantum Research
Dossier technique

Quantum Computing Solutions

Learn more about Tektronix solutions for quantum computing applications, including qubit control, precision calibration and synchronization, qubit readout and measure, and more.
Python Automation
Dossier technique

Getting Started with Test Automation and Python

Get started programming oscilloscopes in Python, including the basics of programmatic interfaces and how to download and run an example.
Van der Pauw
Note d'application

Making van der Pauw Resistivity and Hall Voltage Measurements

Learn about the van der Pauw and Hall effect measurement methods and how to use the built-in applications that are included with the 4200A-SCS Parameter Analyzer to perform these measurements.