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THM 420 Recall Notice

Tektronix' voluntary recall program for the THM 420 TekWaveMeter was begun in early 1997 when it was determined that certain customer applications of the product may cause it to fail, causing substantial internal damage to the meter and exposing the user to risk of personal injury. Under the program, Tektronix offered to provide replacement units that had been modified to solve this problem. If you are an owner of a THM 420 TekWaveMeter which has not been modified, please discontinue use of the product immediately. Your safety and satisfaction are very important to us.

To confirm the modification status of your THM 420, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check the label on the back for this identifying text, IDENT NO: THM420 (DMM/SCOPE). If you have confirmed your product is a THM 420, please complete the next steps.

Step 2: Look on the back of the product. If you find a handwritten "R" marked in pen or permanent marker near the bottom of the label, your instrument has been modified and is not affected by the recall.

Step 3: If there is no "R", please follow the next process.

If your THM 420 has not been modified:

Contact Tektronix immediately for important instructions regarding the modification of your product. Discontinue use of the product immediately.

Tektronix Contact Information:

In the U.S., call 1-800-833-9200 Option 2 and ask for the recall center, or send an email request for information.

In other countries, contact your Local Tektronix Service Center or request information by sending an email to Tektronix.