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TCS70902 Firmware Updater - V33

TCS70902 Signal Source:Combined with SignalCorrect™ software the TCS70902 provides an easy to use solution that enables you to quickly characterize and de-embed interconnects under test for more accurate measurement and analysis.The TCS70902 Differential Calibration Source provides:• Dual ≤9 ps step outputs on 1.85 mm female connectors• Dual 5 GHz sine wave outputs phase matched to less than 1 ps on 2.92 mm female connectors• Small form factor enables placement closer to IUT• Can be used as a generic source for other applications such as deskewing oscilloscope inputs• Programmatic interface to o Turn the sine and the step outputs on/off o Control the polarity of the step outputs o Check the status of the outputs o Control the output parameters like the delay, offset and levelVersion 33 of the FW for the TCS70902 fixes a bug which causes a timeout which requires frequent reboots. This fix has been tested. PREREQUISITES:Signal Correct Software or SDLA

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