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BERTScope Software Release V 10.11.1006

BERTScope(R) Analyzers are designed for applications from 500 Mb/s to 26 Gb/s. They are the industry's first multi-Gb/s instruments that combine the eye diagram analysis capabilities of high-bandwidth sampling oscilloscopes together with BER pattern generation and analysis. Sample-rich eye diagrams are swiftly created using the same multi-gigabit/second sampling capability as the BER detection circuit. This provides far more complete characterization of waveform variation with long PRBS or user patterns than existing digital communications analyzers, which are limited to sampling rates below 250 ksamples/second. Eye diagrams give a view of sampled data that is directly correlated to BER measurements. Now, simply adjusting the BERTScope's decision threshold to a mask violation and turning on BitAlyzer(R) Error Location Analysis(TM) enables you to easily determine which specific bit and pattern sequence is responsible for an eye diagram mask violation, worst case jitter, or slowest rise time.

The BERTScope Analyzer with Error Location Analysis performs seven types of advanced error analysis. Use patented Pattern Sensitivity and Error Free Interval Analysis to swiftly identify pattern-dependent and frequency-dependent errors. Proprietary high-resolution (sub-picosecond), self-calibrating delay lines (patent pending) enable accurate measurement and separation of jitter into deterministic and random components through Jitter Peak (jitter bathtub, BERT scan) Analysis, as well as accurate BER Contour Analysis (again correlated with the sample-rich eye diagram display).

High-speed serial interfaces like CEI, XFP/XFI, 10G Ethernet, and both 4G and 8G Fibre Channel create demands for test and detailed performance analysis. BERTScope Analyzers feature true differential outputs and inputs with variable decision threshold settings, critical for accurate differential I/O testing and analysis, such as Q-Factor and BER Contour. BERTScopes reduce required capital investments by simplifying and speeding test and detailed performance analysis, with built-in sinusoidal jitter generation and jitter tolerance testing together with integrated stressed eye generation and testing.
  • Version: V 10.11.1006
    Release Date:
  • Software Type: Firmware
    Part Number: 066123802

This software applies to: BSA125C 0, BSA260C, BSA85C

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