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80SJNB JITTER, NOISE, and BER ANALYSIS V4.0.8.0, 80SJARB V4.0.2.0, and SDLA Visualizer 2.2.0

80SJNB, 80SJARB, and SDLA Visualizer software run on the DSA8300 instruments with Windows 7 Operating System.

The purpose of this new versions, V4.0.8.0, of 80SJNB, Jitter, Noise, BER and Serial Data Link Analysis software is to enhance the capabilities of the DSA8300 Digital Serial Analyzer by providing Jitter, Noise, and BER analysis for PAM4 signaling.

80SJNB Essential provides Jitter, Noise and BER analysis for NRZ signals. The Advanced option adds capabilities for de-embedding of text fixtures, channel emulation based on TDR/TDT and S-parameter models, and CTLE (with filters created with SDLA), FFE, DFE (not for PAM4 yet) equalizer support. The PAM4 option builds on the Advanced option, and supports comprehensive analysis on PAM4 signals.

80SJARB software provides basic jitter measurements (including J2 and J9 as specified by IEEE 802.3ba) for arbitrary data signals acquired by the Tektronix DSA8300 Digital Serial Analyzer sampling oscilloscope. This version delivers improvements to the jitter decomposition algorithm. 80SJARB is a companion software application to 80SJNB, included in the same installer, and available either with its own license, or whenever any 80SJNB license is found.

SDLA Visualizer is a complete measurement circuit de-embed environment, which removes reflections, cross-coupling, and loss caused by fixtures, and cables, allowing visibility of the true circuit behavior.

This software applies to: DSA8300 1

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