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What is the difference between OpenChoice Desktop and Wavestar (WSTRO) software programs?

Question :

What is the difference between OpenChoice Desktop and Wavestar (WSTRO) software programs?

Answer :

While both of these programs are run on Windows-based PC's and connect to Tektronix oscilloscopes, they are different in these areas:

  • The models of oscilloscopes they support
  • The extent to which they provide analysis, remote control, and active displays of waveform data
  • WaveStar is an older application that is no longer supported.  It is still available for download for user of older Tektronix equipment that is not supported by Open Choice Desktop.
  • Were compatible with specific Windows OS platforms.

OPEN CHOICE DESKTOP is a application that enabled data transfer from Tektronix oscilloscopes (TDS200, TDS1000, TDS2000, TDS3000, DPO3000, MSO3000, DPO4000, MSO4000, and MDO4000 series) to Windows-based PCs.  It lets you capture oscilloscope screen images, waveform data, and settings from a Microsoft Windows computer for data logging, documentation, and analysis using the wealth of applications available in Microsoft Windows.

  • The Excel toolbar loads waveforms and measurements directly into Excel 2000/2002
  • The Word toolbar loads data and images directly into Word 2000/2002
  • The OpenChoice Desktop application retrieves data and/or images for storage in common files formats or copy and paste into other Windows programs.

WaveStar was a Windows application (Window 2000 and WinXP) that served as a general-purpose tool to communicate with Tektronix oscilloscopes from connected PCs. Tektronix instruments supported by WaveStar include some of the below listed models:

  • TDS200, TDS1000, TDS2000, and TDS3000 series
  • TDS5000B, 6000, 7000B series
  • TDS600, TDS700 series
  • CSA7000B, CSA8000 series
  • THS700
  • And others

In addition to transfer data from the instrument, it is also capable of advanced features such as interactive control, graphing continuously-updated waveforms in a variety of forms, sending instructions that change individual settings on the oscilloscope, and performing measurements and analysis functions on the waveform data.  Note: WaveStar is no longer a supported application.

FeaturesOpenChoice DesktopWaveStar (WSTRO)
Included in TDSCMAX, TDS2MEM, and TDS3GV modulesYesNo
Provided for support of TDS200/1000/2000/3000 seriesYesYes
Provided for support of legacy and Performance oscilloscopesNoYes
Supports Serial, GPIB and Ethernet connectionsYesYes
Enables transfer of waveforms data pointsYesYes
Enables transfer of measurement data pointsYesYes
Enables transfer of static screen imagesYesYes
Saves data in commonly used file formatsYesYes
Windows program for stand-alone operationYesYes
Toolbars for data transfer within Word & ExcelYesNo
Performs measurements not available on scopeNoYes
Displays and continuously updates waveformsNoYes
Provides multiple types of charts and data logsNoYes
Prints waveforms and screensNoYes
Includes analysis Power and Harmonics analysisNoYes


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