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What are some of the key advantages of the WFM601M over the AAVS DS309?

Question :

What are some of the key advantages of the WFM601M over the AAVS DS309?

Answer :

Key advantages of the WFM601M over and above the AAVS DS309 include:

  • Real time waveform and vector display (necessary for live video monitoring, but not for test signals)
  • Diamond RGB Gamut display
  • Arrowhead NTSC/PAL Gamut display
  • Graphic word logic analyzer display (in addition to the word listings provided by the AAVS)
  • Source signal level meter (the AAVS indicates level at the destination)
  • On-screen picture display
  • Eye pattern display
  • NTSC/PAL gamut display which operates in real time (AAVS has something like this but seems to operate at a lower update rate)
  • Jitter time/amplitude display plus readouts of timing jitter and alignment jitter. Our jitter readout seems to be more accurate than the AAVS, measured with known jitter sources. The AAVS unit we tested may be broken.
  • Calibrated, full bandwidth analog outputs to allow use of a VM700A or 1780R.
  • Both the WFM601M and AAVS allow PC query of data status, format, and word values.

The old way was to purchase a WFM601i to do real time monitoring and eye pattern display, then add the data word listing and jitter measurement of the AAVS DS309. Now all of these features, in improved form, are available by purchasing just one instrument, the WFM601M.

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