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In the TLA Application how do I combine the setups from my unmerged modules into a new setup for my merged module system?

Question :

In the TLA Application how do I combine the setups from my unmerged modules into a new setup for my merged module system?

Answer :

First Export the individual setups from each module. For each module open its Setup Window, go to the File menu and select Export Channel Setup. After you have exported every module setup, merge the system (Both physically and then logically by going to System Menu->System Configuration->Merge Modules). Open the Setup Window for the merged system and go to File->Export Channel Setup to export the new merged system. The exported merged system Channel Setup will be used as a template for the other channels setups. For each module setup that was exported note whether it is in the Master, Slave, Slave 2, or Slave 3 position (See TLA Application Online help topic: "Merging modules" for more information). Open the Merged System Channel Setup and each of the unmerged module setups. It is recommended to use a program such as Excel that allows importing deliminated files. The structure of each channel setup files begins with the Channel Format definitions and ends with the Group Format definitions. The Merged Module Channel Setup begins with the first Master module channel definitions and then the definitions for the first Slave, Slave 2, and Slave 3. For example the hardware name E3(7) corresponds to the Master and SE3(7) to the first slave and S2E3(7) for slave 2 etc... Copy the UserName column (second column) in a module channel setup and paste it in the UserName column for the corresponding module in the Merged Module Channel setup and repeat for each module. Copy the GroupName and ChannelList Columns in each module Channel Setup and paste it into the corresponding section in the Merged System Channel Setup. For slave modules you will need to modify the Channel List for each Group to correspond to its slave position. For example if the Group belongs to the module in Slave 2 hardware position and the ChannelList is E3(7) rename the ChanneList to S2E3(7). Once you have saved the file open the Setup in the TLA Application and go to File->Import Channel Setup. If the setup does not load check the auto generated ImportExportError.log file and correct it as needed.

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