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KickStart Power Supply FAQs

Question :

KickStart Power Supply FAQs

Answer :

  1. What power supplies are supported in the power supply app?
    • The app supports the Keithley 2280S-32-6 and 22380S-60-3 Precision Measurement DC Power Supplies and the 2281S-20-6 as a power supply only; the Series 222x and 223x DC power supplies.


  2. Are the multi-Channel power supplies supported?
    • Yes – all multi-channel supplies in the Series 222x and 223x DC power supplies family are supported. These power supplies were introduced with KickStart 2.4.0.


  3. What are the benefits in using the power supply app?
    • Quickly set up automated tests using bias or list sweep modes.
    • Capture both voltage and current measurements for all channels on the multi-channel models.
    • Be able to see voltage and current readbacks in real-time from the settings screen.
    • Plot data in tabular and graphical formats in real-time.
    • Continuous fast data streaming with the 2280S and 2281S models for testing wireless devices.
    • Slew rate control for the 2280S and 2281S models.
    • List sweep mode capability for all the supported models including the ones that don’t have the list sweep capabilities built in on the instrument.
    • Ability to download and upload the list sweep on the 2280S and 2281S models.
    • Ability to import and export the list sweep to CSV files.
    • Overvoltage and overcurrent protection settings to protect the user’s device.
    • Ability to disable unused channels with the multi-channel power supplies.
    • Takes advantage of the multi-channel power supply capabilities:
      1. All channels are independent, programmable, and isolated
      2. All channels have remote sensing
      3. Simultaneous display of each channel’s output
    • Takes advantage of many built-in KickStart 2.x features:
      1. Automatically saves all data to file and allows users to access in Run History
      2. Allows users to easily compare measurements using Run History compare
      3. Includes option to automatically export data to file


  4. Can I use a power supply and a DMM in KickStart at the same time?
    • Yes. The user could use a power supply to bias and a DMM to take accurate measurements on their device in KickStart at the same time.


  5. Can I purchase the power supply app separately?
    • Yes. Starting with KickStart 2.5.0, customers now have the option to purchase and install individual app licenses separately. KICKSTARTFL-PS is the power supply perpetual floating license. Customers may also purchase the KICKSTARTFL-PS-AN which is an annual license option. Please refer to the datasheet for a complete list of licenses.

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