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After I place an order for a software-license for Kickstart, how do I get and install the license?

Question :

After I place an order for a software-license for Kickstart, how do I get and install the license?

Answer :

If you ordered KICKSTARTFL-BASE that is used with the Kickstart 2.0 or higher software application.  If you ordered KICKSTARTFL-HRMA that is used with Kickstart 1.9 software application>

After you place an order for Kickstart 2.xx, you may receive up to two emails from Tektronix.  They will be sent to the email address that was listed on the order. 

If you do not have a current MyTek Account:

The first email you get will look like something below and customized for you:

Dear <customer name>   (customer’s email address)

Thank you for your order number 2851917 (PO # 107548) of 1 new software licenses for your Tektronix products.

Here is a list of the products purchased on this order:

1 - SVMNL-SVPC License; General Purpose Modulation Analysis to work with analyzer of acquisition bandwidth less than or equal to 40MHz and MDO; Node Locked

To manage the Check In and Check Out process, we have developed TekAMS, a free, web-based application available using any web-connected computer.  However, to access the application, you must have a "MyTek" account.  If you do not have a current MyTek account use this URL:

Then click the "SignUp for a myTek account" link.

Once you are successfully registered, you will receive second email with a personalized time-sensitive "Claim Check" and further instructions on how to access the application.

Note: It may take up to 15 minutes for this email to show up after completing a new MyTek account.

The second email you will receive will look like below, but customized to you:

Dear Customer ([email protected])

You have been authorized to check out software licenses purchased by your company for your Tektronix equipment. Our software licenses come in both "Node Locked" and "Floating" varieties. "Floating" licenses allow our software to be moved between different machines via a key check-out process, while "Node Locked" licenses are installed and remain on a single Tektronix product.

To manage the check-out process, we have developed the Tektronix Asset Management System (TekAMS), a free, web-based application available using any web-connected computer and a MyTek account. 

Access the system at this URL: and login to TekAMS using your MyTek user name and password.  

After you login, enter the Software License application by clicking on the "Software License" link at the top of the page, then click on the "Redeem a Claim Check" link on the page and enter your personalized code:

CTbsCy (case-sensitive)

This claim check is only good for 1 year and is specific to a MyTek account with the user name of "[email protected]". Please claim your licenses now.

After you have redeemed your claim check, you will have full access to your licenses using this TekAMS application.

Thanks for using Tektronix!


If you have a current MyTek account:

You will just receive the second email noted above with your claim check number.


To install the Kickstart license:

You will need your Kickstart Host ID.

If you are installing KICKSTARTFL-BASE, open the application and click on the “Gear” icon in the upper right corner.  Then click on "Manage Licenses".  You will see your Host ID on the page.  Copy the Host ID.

If you are installing KICKSTARTFL-HRMA, open the application and click on the “key” icon in the upper right corner. On the subsequent license page, copy the Host ID.


Once you have your Host ID, in AMS, go to your license file and click on the "Checkout to a PC".  Then enter or paste in the Host ID.  Then click on "Lookup Unit".

On this page, the "Asset Number" is a free form text field that you can use to identify the instrument within your company.  The "Site" may already populated with site locations.  If your site is listed, select that site.  If one is not listed, you can use the green plus sign to create a site.  Once you have a site selected, click on "Add Asset".

At the bottom of the Asset screen is the "Generate License" box.  Click on it to generate and download the license file.  Download the license file to the computer that has Kickstart installed (or use a USB drive to download and transfer to the computer that will have Kickstart).

Within the Kickstart application click on the “Gear” icon in the upper right corner.  Then click on "Manage Licenses" and go to the "Install License" tab.  Navigate to the license file on the computer (or USB drive) and tap the Open button.  This will install the license file.  The new license should appear in the table in the Help->About menu.

If you need to move the license to a difference computer, you will need to uninstall the license file by using the "Remove" to download the license exit file.  Once an exit key is generated you can log into AMS and navigate to software licenses "my checked out licenses" and select upload an exit key.  Browse to the exit key you saved and press submit.  Once back in AMS, it can be checked out to another PC.

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