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I have never used an isolated channel oscilloscope+ what advantage can I expect to gain from it?

Question :

I have never used an isolated channel oscilloscope+ what advantage can I expect to gain from it?

Answer :

The TPS2000 Series 4 IsolatedChannel™ input architecture provides true and complete channel-to-channel isolation for both the positive input and the negative reference leads, including the external trigger input. Refer to the IsolatedChannel Technology technical brief (3MW-17773-0) for more details about this technology. Here is the link to the brief, IsolatedChannel Technology Tech Brief

The most demanding floating measurement requirements are found in power control circuits (motor controllers, uninterruptible power supplies, and switching DC power supplies) and industrial equipment. In such application areas, voltages and currents may be sufficiently large to present a hazard to users and test equipment.

IsolatedChannel technology is the preferred solution for both measurement quality and versatility. The TPS2000 Series oscilloscopes offer an ideal solution when a common mode signal is present. True channel-to-channel isolation minimizes parasitic effects. A properly isolated battery-powered instrument disconnects itself from earth ground. Each of its probes has a "Negative Reference" lead that is isolated from the instrument's chassis, rather than a fixed ground lead. Moreover, the "Negative Reference" lead of each input channel is isolated from that of all other channels. This is the best insurance against dangerous short circuits. It also minimizes the signal-degrading lead inductance and capacitance that can hamper measurement quality in single-point grounded instruments.

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Product Series: TPS2000B Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Discontinued)


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