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How large can a sequence file be?

Question :

How large can a sequence file be?

Answer :

A sequence file can contain up to 8000 different waveform files on the up to 8000 lines of a sequence file. On each line, you can loop the waveform up to 65,535 times. The total number of waveform points of all of the different waveforms added together can not exceed 4 Meg points on the AWG400 series standard and AWG500 series, 8 Meg points on the AWG610, 16 Meg points on the AWG 400 series option 01 or AWG710 standard and 32 Meg points on the AWG710 option 01. For example, if you have 10 different waveforms to use in a sequence and all of the waveforms are 100,000 points in length, then the total number of points for all of the waveforms would be 1,000,000 points of the 4M, 8M, 16M or 32 M points available. It does not matter how many different lines (up to 8000) these waveforms are used on or how many repeats are used on each line. Only one copy of each unique waveform file is loaded into the execution memory; it is reused as many times as specified. This allows you to output complex waveforms with repetitive portions that might be billions of points in length. If your waveform is truly random in nature, then the sequence will not provide any advantage over a conventional waveform file.

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