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How do I use the Save and Recall functionality of the MDO4000 series oscilloscope?

Question :

How do I use the Save and Recall functionality of the MDO4000 series oscilloscope?

Answer :

To save a screen image, go to the Save/Recall menu at the bottom of the scope. From there select the Save Screen Image softkey. This will pop up a new window with saving options. Saving a screen image requires an external memory device, such as a USB flash drive. Once the scope recognizes the drive, you can change the file format between bitmap, .png, and .tif files. You can also choose to use the Ink Saver function, which inverts the colors so that the background is white instead of black, thus saving ink. You can also change the file name using the Edit File Name softkey. From here you can either use the multipurpose knob A or a USB keyboard to edit the file name. And then hit Ok Accept to save the image.

The scope also enables you to save waveform data. Back in the Save/Recall menu, select the Save Waveform softkey. Select the waveform source you would like to save using the multipurpose knob A, select the destination with multipurpose knob B, which can either be one of the 4 reference waveforms or a file. To save to a reference waveform, just highlight the reference destination and press Ok Save. To save to a file, select file as the destination, select the gating, and select file details. In the File details menu, you can select either .isf or .csv as the file format, edit the file name using the USB keyboard or the multipurpose knob A, and select OK Save.

You can save setup files from the Save/Recall menu as well. Setup files contain all the settings of the scope.  Select the Save Setup softkey. You can save the setup to a File by selecting the To File softkey, which will take you to a new screen where you can edit the file name and save the file. To edit the labels of the 10 internal setup file slots, select the Edit Labels softkey. You can then choose which internal slot you would like to save the current setup to. It saves it immediately with a default timestamp.

You can also recall a waveform from a file you’ve saved to one of the reference waveforms from the Recall Waveform Menu. Select the waveform you’d like to recall using the multipurpose knob A, and select which reference waveform you’d like to save to using its softkey.

To recall a setup, select the Recall Setup softkey in the Save/Recall Menu. From here you can select From File and use the multipurpose knob A to select the setup file you would like to recall and select Recall From Selected File. You can also recall from one of the internal setup files if you have them available.

You can also assign the Save button to perform a specific function, such as saving a screenshot, saving a waveform, saving a setup file, or saving an image, waveform, and setup simultaneously to a file.

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