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How do I update the USB UTI drivers on my MSO/DPO5000/B?

Question :

How do I update the USB UTI drivers on my MSO/DPO5000/B?

Answer :

There are two seperate parts to this, first is flashing the USB firmware, the second one is the windows driver.

Part One: Before installing the TekUTI drivers, the scope needs to be prepared for the update. If TekScope is running, minimize it. The scope needs to have TekVISA v4.0.1 or later installed. On the right side of the Windows taskbar, there is a yellow VISA icon, click on that and then select "About" to see what version of TekVISA is installed. Next, make sure the firmware uploader program is located in the correct directory. This uploader is included in TekVISA, and can be found in the following path. C:\Program Files (x86)\IVI Foundation\VISA\WinNT\TekVISA\Bin\ TekUTIFWUP.exe. Copy TekUTIFWUP to C:\Temp. Next, download and install the .zip file called that can be downloaded  below.  Unzip that file and copy TekUTI_fw_009.bin to C:\Temp.

Next, run the UTI firmware update. Right click on the Windows taskbar and select Task Manager, select the Processes tab, select "show processes from all users", scroll down and verify that "Vxi11ServerControl.exe*32" is shown. Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, right-click "Command Prompt" and select "Run as Administrator." In the DOS command window, type CD C:\Temp and press enter. Then type TekUTIFWUP c:\temp\TekUTI_fw_009.bin and press enter. After between 20-60 seconds, the command will respond with "FIrmware download succeeded." Press enter and then close the command window and reboot the instrument.

After rebooting, check that the update was successful. Click Start, Computer, System Properties, and click Device Manager. Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers and right click on TekUTI.sys Tektronix USB-TMC Instrument device and select Properties. Click the Details tab, select Hardware Ids in the dropdown menu and verfy that the first row says USB\VID_0699&PID_FFFE&REV_009. If this is the case, you've successfully updated the USB UTI drivers.



Part Two: In some of the earlier USB UTI drivers, a bug was discovered that in some applications (ATE for example) reading information back from the instrument will stop and subsequent read/write attempts will fail.  MSO/DPO5000 series that had f/w 6.7.1 or earlier could experience this problem.

To resolve this problem try installing the attached updated USB UTI driver.  Installation instructions are included in the zip file.  Please follow the instructions closely.


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Product Series: MSO/DPO5000B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (Discontinued)


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