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How do I lock my VM700T to a Macrovision encoded signal?

Question :

How do I lock my VM700T to a Macrovision encoded signal?

Answer :

The VM700T is not designed to be as lenient on its input signals as a conventional television or picture monitor. Just like Macrovision encoding will prevent a VCR from locking to a signal; it will also prevent the VM700T from locking to a signal too. There are however a few work-arounds for this problem:

Option 1: If you have external sync (black burst) coming out of the device which is providing the Macrovision encoded signal then you can plug that into the external sync port of the VM700T and enable the external sync mode. This will force the VM700T to ignore the Macrovision-encoded sync pulses and use the external sync instead.

Option 2: You can run the Macrovision-encoded signal through a time-base corrector that should re-insert the sync and burst information into the signal and override the Macrovision encoding, allowing the VM700T to lock to the signal.

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