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How do I create a program to download waveforms or data?

Question :

How do I create a program to download waveforms or data?

Answer :

This FAQ shows the general practices for creating a reliable program that will work with our oscilloscopes. For more detail on programming, refer to Oscilloscope Analysis and Connectivity Made Easy

- First off, decide what your program will do.

- Choose a programming language. There are a huge number of choices, the most popular being VB, C, and LabVIEW. In this, I will choose LabVIEW, because I already own it, and am familiar with the environment.

- Create a general workflow for the program, like shown in Figure 1:


Figure 1: Example workflow

You will notice a section on synchronization. It is important that you fully understand how the oscilloscope deals with synchronization. You can find a detailed explanation in the programmers manual for your oscilloscope, along with a complete list of commands that can be used to create your program.

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