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How do I add 720p/50Hz or 720p/24Hz support to my TG700?

Question :

How do I add 720p/50Hz or 720p/24Hz support to my TG700?

Answer :

720p 24Hz and 50Hz test signals were introduced in version 4.0 of the TG700 firmware and tri-level black burst signals at these rates were added in firmware version 4.2 so in order to gain access to these you will need to upgrade your firmware to at least one of these versions or preferably the latest version (v4.5).

Also, please be aware that there are some limitations to which units can receive which firmware and in what order.

First, the newer firmware with all the additional test signals requires more memory than the original TG700 models have. If you have an older TG700 with 16 or 32 MB of memory then I would strongly recommend upgrading the memory to 64 MB before upgrading your firmware. While it is possible to remove extraneous test signals and stored images to free up this space, it is highly recommended to instead order the TG700 option FP memory upgrade kit if additional memory is required. This will upgrade the memory in your unit to 64MB and will allow the full signal set for the latest version of firmware to be stored.

Also, any version of firmware prior to v2.1 must first be upgraded to v2.1 before any further upgrades can be performed. So in order to upgrade from v1.0 you will first have to upgrade to v2.1 and then to v4.5.

There is also a limitation on which serial numbers of AGL7 and BG7 modules are capable of producing 720p/50Hz tri-level sync signals. These limitations are as follows:

ModuleS/N: J30xxxxS/N: J31xxxxS/N: J32xxxxS/N: B010xxx through B011199S/N: B011200 and above
AGL7Cannot be upgraded, replacement module required.Cannot be upgraded, replacement module required.Need upgrade kit part number 040-1718-00.Need upgrade kit part number 040-1718-00.No hardware limitation.
BG7Cannot be upgraded, replacement module required.No hardware limitation.No hardware limitation.No hardware limitation.No hardware limitation.

**Please note that units with AGL7 SN: J32xxxx and B010xxx-B011199 who install 4.2 can access 720P/50 on the AGL7 output selection menu.  Selecting 720P/50 without installation of the 040-1718-00 upgrade kit will result in a non-standard signal output.  AGL7 SN: B011200 and above do not have HW Limitation.  

You can download version 4.5 of the TG700 firmware from the following link:


Also, since the 720p/24/50 signals are no part of the standard signal set for the TG700, you will need to download the signal library files which contain these signals from the same link.

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