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How can I view the display of the WFM700 externally?

Question :

How can I view the display of the WFM700 externally?

Answer :

There are two ways to see an identical copy of the front screen display of the WFM700 remotely:

External VGA Display: There is a VGA port labeled “VGA PIX MON” on the back of the WFM700. If you connect a standard VGA display to this port you will see a duplicate copy of the front screen display on the VGA display. This can be quite helpful for connecting larger screens or even projectors to the device.

Remote Web User Interface: This actually has two methods in one. If you open a web browser and connect to the IP address of the WFM700 (available in the configuration menu) you will be presented with a menu of choices. One of these choices is “Get a Snapshot of Instrument Display”; if you click that link you will be redirected to a still image shot of the front screen as of the time you clicked the link. One of the other options in the web menu is “Launch Applet”; if you click this link a Java applet will launch will allows total remote control of the WFM700 from anywhere in the world. Included with this remote control is an auto-updating shot of the front screen so you can see what the instrument is currently displaying. Due to bandwidth restrictions however, this display can only update approximately once every ten seconds.

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