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Procedure to use Model 3706A, 2182A, 6221 and 6486 for Van Der Pauw measurements.

Question :

Procedure to use Model 3706A, 2182A, 6221 and 6486 for Van Der Pauw measurements.

Answer :

1. Configure the cables and connector and units.
A. Connect four triax to alligator clip cables from Model 3765 input 1,2,3,4 to the sample(DUT). Usually, you can use Model 237-ALG-2 triax to alligator clip cables.
B. Connect low noise BNC Cable(model 4801) from Model 3765 I monitor BNC connect to Model 6485 picoammeter.
C. Connect low noise triax to triax cable Model 7078-TRX-3 from Model 3765 Current Source input to Model 6221 output.
D. Connect Model 2182A Channel 1 HI and LO to Model 3765 HI LO screw terminals on rear of the card.
E. Connect two wires from LO terminals on the screw terminals on the rear of the Model 3765 card. Connect one to the LO on the rear panel of the Model 6485 and the other to the rear panel LO of the Model 6221 current source.
2. Set Model 6221 to GUARD mode.
A. Press TRIAX.
B. Select INNER SHIELD and set to GUARD.
3. Set Model 6221 OUTPUT-LOW to FLOATING.
A. Press TRIAX.
B. Select OUTPUT-LOW and set to FLOATING.
4. Place Model 3765 Hall Effect card into Model 3706A. Only a 3706A. It will not work in a Model 3706.
5. To have current flow from point 1 to point 2 and voltage measure between point 4 to point 3, Close the following crosspoints
A. 1102
B. 1201
C. 1303
D. 1404
E. 1405
To do this...
Press the wheel to select the slot.
Press the wheel again to select the row. Now enter in 1102. now press the CLOSE button.
Do the same with the remaining crosspoints.
6. Configure the Model 6221 current source for the appropriate current level.
7. Press OUTPUT ON/OFF to output the current.
8. Relase zero check on the Model 6485.
9. Should now see the measured current on the Model 6485 and the voltage measurement on the Model 2182A.

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Product Series: Keithley 3700A Systems Switch/Multimeter


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