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Do you have an example of the command used to change a signal on the TG700?

Question :

Do you have an example of the command used to change a signal on the TG700?

Answer :

The following is an example of the command, and the check to see if it was executed. Commands are in bold type, and the returned values are below the command.
:mmem:load:sign 2, "/1080 59.94i/COLOR BAR/SMPTE^Color Bars.cmp"
mmem:sign:active? 2
"/1080 59.94i/COLOR BAR/SMPTE^Color Bars.cmp"

The exact signal name and path are required in the command, and it is case sensitive.

The following commands are used to get the exact names and path for the command used in the example above:


mmem:cat? "HDVG7"
18940928,13431808,"PRESET/",,512,"SIGNAL/",,512,"PICTURE/",,512,"LOGO/",,512,"HD VG7.INI",,2178

:mmem:cat? "HDVG7/SIGNAL""
18940928,13431808,"1035 59.94i/",,512,"1035 60i/",,512,"1080 23.98p/",,512,"1080 23.98sF/",,512,"1080 24p/",,512,"1080 24sF/",,512,"1080 25p/",,512,"1080 29.97p /",,512,"1080 30p/",,512,"1080 50i/",,512,"1080 59.94i/",,512,"1080 60i/",,512," 720 59.94p/",,512,"720 60p/",,512,"720 50p/",,512,"720 23.98p/",,512,"720 24p/", ,512

:mmem:cat? "HDVG7/SIGNAL/1080 59.94i""
18940928,13431808,"COLOR BAR/",,512,"FLAT FIELD/",,512,"LINEARITY/",,512,"MONITO R/",,512,"MULTIBURST/",,512,"SWEEP/",,512,"SDI/",,512,"TIMING/",,512,"PULSE BAR/ ",,512,"ARIB COLOR BAR/",,512,"SMPTE COLOR BAR/",,512

:mmem:cat? "HDVG7/SIGNAL/1080 59.94i/COLOR BAR""
18940928,13431808,"100%^Color Bars.cmp",,2006,"75%^Color Bars.cmp",,2025,"SMPTE^ Color Bars.cmp",,3514

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