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Can the VM700 be used to measure S/Video?

Question :

Can the VM700 be used to measure S/Video?

Answer :

The VM700A or VM700T, configured with option 01 (NTSC) or option 11 (PAL) measurements has the capability for viewing and measuring S-Video signals built in to its operating features

If your test requirements include Y-C signals, the VM700A/T can measure several Y-C signal parameters. Normally, Y-C signals are viewed on different displays, one for the luminance and another for the chrominance channel. The VM700A/T can be used to provide a single composite display for signal monitoring and measurement with the Y and C channels connected directly to the VM700A/T.

This method involves using the VM700A/T in a "A-B" mode to combine the luminance and chrominance channels within the VM700A/T hardware. The signal is then digitized as a composite video waveform for analysis in Waveform, Vector and Measure modes.

First, connect the Y (luminance) signal to channel A of the VM700A/T, and the C (chrominance)signal to channel B. Don't forget to terminate the connections as the VM700A/T inputs are a loop-thru configuration. (If your Y-C video source uses a DIN connector for the S-Video interconnect, DIN-to-dual BNC adapter cables for S-Video are readily available from a number of professional video equipment sources.)

Next, in Waveform mode, press the VM700A/T front panel "Menu" button to display a row of softkeys near the bottom of the display. Touch the "Sync" softkey and then the "Locked to Source" softkey, to force sync selection to the luminance channel. It may also be necessary to select "Asynchronous" sampling mode if the signal is from a VTR or other similar device that has time base jitter. To select "Asynchronous" sampling, touch the "Change Sampling" softkey until the readout just above it says "Asynchronous". To put the VM700A/T into the "A-B" mode, press and hold the channel A button and then press and release the channel B button. Then release the channel A button. The channel A button LED should be lit and the channel B button LED should be blinking - indicating the "A-B" mode.

The VM700A/T will now display the Y-C signals as a composite waveform. The Measure mode will also make measurements on the Y-C signal - as a composite video signal.

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