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Can the TG2000 be controlled by the VM700T?

Question :

Can the TG2000 be controlled by the VM700T?

Answer :

Yes, the following Function example shows the commands that can be used in a VM700T Function to load a TG2000/DVG1 with 75% color bar, change to 100% Color bars. This assumes that the signal set loaded to the generator is 525-270, and that the DVG1 is located in slot 7. Adjust the statements as necessary for different conditions.

control :inst:nsel 7^M
delay 50
control :mmem:load:sign 7, "DVG1/525`h270/Color Bars/75%\^Color Bars"^M
delay 50
control:mmem:load:sign 7, "DVG1/525`h270/Color Bars/100%\^Color Bars"^M

Some special things to note:

  1. Use a 9 pin straight through cable from the VM700T to the TG2000.
  2. Make sure the TG2000 Remote Port is set to SERIAL, the SERIAL SETUP is set to Terminal mode, and that the flow control and baud rate match the VM700T CONTROL port configuration.(Flow control NONE seems to work best).
  3. Special characters are used in both the TG2000 and the control port of the VM700T. In most cases, A dash character ( - ) as shown on the TG2000 Screen is returned as `h . The VM700T converts the ^ character to an F character when used within a signal name, and must be preceded by a back slash ( \ ) to pass this character to the TG2000, otherwise it converts the next character to a control character.
  4. The TG2000 is case sensitive for the signal names (in quotes). Exact signal name can be obtained using the :mmem:sign:cat:all? 8 command from a terminal. The word Control tells the VM700T to send what follows out the control port, and ^M at the end of the line is the return/line feed necessary to send the command. For other special characters and character handling, see the TG2000 user manual, page 3-11, and the VM700T RS232 Interface programmer manual page 2-5. In the above example, one could program VM700T measurements for each of the signal, in between the signal changes.
  5. Commands in the VM700T can be longer than the line length allowed in the VM700T. Control commands can be split to two lines, each starting with the control command and ending with the ^M. One caution: do not split the command at one of the control characters. Mid word or between word is desired point.
  6. If sequences are running on the TG2000, these take precedence over other commands. For example, if a bounce sequence is running, and a command is sent to the TG2000 to change to a field square wave signal, the signal will momentarily change to field square wave, but will revert back to the bounce with the next timed cycle.

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