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Can I use the ERA-01 with the KPCMCIA-PIO24-C?

Question :

Can I use the ERA-01 with the KPCMCIA-PIO24-C?

Answer :

Can I use the ERA-01 with the KPCMCIA-PIO24-C?

Yes, the digital Port B of the KPCMCIA-PIO24-C can be used to control the on/off state of the relays on the ERA-01. However, there are two issues to be aware of:

1. At power up, there will be sufficient drive current from port B to turn all relays of the ERA-01 to an ON state. Only after digital port B has been configured for output will the relays of the ERA-01 turn off. This configuration for output can be done during driver loading by appropriate settings in the DriverLINX Configuration Panel (see web site FAQ for procedure), but it will require several seconds from power on to take effect.

2. The pcmcia card does not provide the necessary 5VDC power for the logic chips on the ERA-01. Use of an external power supply for the ERA-01 is required when using the KPCMCIA-PIO24-C to control the relays. This can be either a regulated 5VDC supply or the optional OPA-01 10VAC adapter. The ERA-01 can convert the 10VAC signal to the required 5VDC. Terminals for connection of either the DC or the AC power accessory are provided.

NOTE: If the required external power is not applied until after Port B of the KPCMCIA card has been configured for output, then the effects of the power on state can be minimized.

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