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Are there any tricks or tips for troubleshooting fault indicators on the ECO422/ECO422D?

Question :

Are there any tricks or tips for troubleshooting fault indicators on the ECO422/ECO422D?

Answer :

Troubleshooting at time of Installation

1. Each channel that is used must have a primary and backup signal of the same type. You cannot mix signal types on a channel.

2. Each channel must be configured for the type of signal being input to that channel.

3. Any channel that is not used must be configured to be disabled, with all segments of the dip switch corresponding to the channel set to OPEN.

If the unit has been working, and is now indicating a fault:

One or more signals on the input have dropped in voltage by approximately 30%. It might have been a momentary drop, or an ongoing problem.

Try resetting the channel. If the fault clears, it was a momentary drop, possibly due to a power fluctuation.

If the fault does not clear, one of the signals is still below the threshold of the ECO422. This will involve some troubleshooting.

  1. You can remove each signal cable at the ECO422 input, and connect to an oscilloscope or appropriate waveform monitor, and verify signal amplitudes of each signal on the faulty channel.
  2. Make a note of the switch setting for each channel. One channel at a time, set the switch for that channel to disable, then try resetting the fault condition.  If you disable a channel ad you can now reset, that channel is the fault.  Fix the fault, reset all the channels to the original settings, and reset theECO 422.

If the primary is showing a fault, and upon switching to the backup, it then starts showing a fault, the likely problem is that one of the outputs is double terminated. Find the cause of a double termination, remove the extra termination, and reset the ECO422. A new piece of equipment could have been added that self terminates, or something could have been added at a patch panel.

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