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Phil's Story

The Power of Mentors



Phil's path to engineering was anything but conventional. During his high school days, academics were not his strong suit. However, he considers himself incredibly fortunate as pivotal people entered his life at just the right moments, shaping his future.

His parents recognized the importance of finding the right direction for him early on. Phil's uncle, a skilled technician, played a crucial role in nurturing his interest in electronics. Additionally, Randy, the neighbor in the adjacent house, became a mentor to him, imparting all his knowledge about electronics.

To graduate, Phil needed an occupational credit. That's when he decided to enroll in an Electronics Technician course. Surprisingly, it was the first time he excelled academically, obtaining A's in his studies. He found himself deeply focused and determined, knowing exactly what he wanted to pursue.

During his exploration on the web, he stumbled upon the vintageTEK Museum, which instantly captivated him. Phil volunteered there for a year. It was during this time that he encountered Nick, who exhibited the same curiosity and eagerness to learn that he once had at that age.

Nick was fascinated by audio files that generated images on the screen, and he aspired to build a scope capable of displaying those images. Phil recognized Nick's passion for learning and was more than willing to guide and assist him in his endeavor. He cherished the opportunity to pass on his knowledge and skills, knowing firsthand the value of hands-on experience over textbook learning.

Phil emphasizes that failures are an inherent part of the learning process. He encourages aspiring engineers to embrace mistakes, even if they result in things blowing up or questioning oneself. Persistence is key—never giving up and continuously striving for improvement.

Today, Phil Lehwalder proudly introduces himself as an electrical engineer, a testament to how dedication, mentorship, and a passion for learning can transform a young individual's life. His journey serves as an inspiration for others, reminding them that with the right guidance and unwavering determination, anyone can achieve their dreams in the field of engineering.